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Friday, 29 April 2022

Mokeme narrates how he escaped robbery, kidnapping on Lagos traffic

 Mokeme narrates how he escaped robbery, kidnapping on Lagos traffic


Veteran movie star, Chidi Mokeme has narrated his ordeals in the hands of Lagos traffic robbers.

 He said the incident happened around the Victoria Garden City (VGC) area of Lagos while he was hurriedly heading to the airport to catch a flight.

Mokeme narrated how the unknown men in white Honda Accord attempted to “box him in”, leaving him with only just an escape option.

He added that some of his friends were of the opinion that the unknown men were after his @louisvuitton bags sitting on the back seat, while others argued it was an attempt to kidnap him.

In a lengthy post on his verified Instagram handle, the actor wrote: “BEWARE! So here I was, stuck in Lagos traffic, in front of VGC to be precise, wondering if, and when I was going to make it in time for my international flight, praying my driver makes it there before me to pick up the car (he had gone to look for a small basket of agbalumo/udala that I wanted to surprise my sis @cyn05cyn with), one part of my brain was manoeuvering the truck, and still baffled at how Lagosians always manage to turn a two-lane road into twelve lanes and still survive!

 “For my korokoro eye like this, @googlemaps was recalculating my ETA from a 2:05hrs journey to 3:07hrs and rising and I hadn’t driven up to 100 meters.

“Suddenly, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I noticed a white Honda Accord try to box me in, someone jumped in front of my truck and started signalling “Stop there, I say stop there…” Me: “Stop there fùn kíní? Stop there bì ti bawo?”

He continued: “In that split second, I had assessed the situation – plain clothes, no uniform, hand reaching inside pants, accomplice running over from the other side of the road, getaway car idling, I took the only option, almost ran him over and climbed the culvert, dashing into the service lane to oncoming vehicles.

“I caught a quick glimpse of the guy in the rearview reaching for something, I couldn’t tell what it was but swerved, the next thing I heard was a loud explosion, glass shattering and shrapnel all over me in all directions. My first reaction was “What the F*^k? Now I’m going to kill whoever this motherf*^cker is”!

“But the me in me that makes me the me that I am thought otherwise and said “Don’t Stop! ‘Stopping’ is the expected and predictable reaction. Keep it moving and take Control of the situation. DON’T STOP”. But I wanted blood so badly I could taste it in my guts. Guess what I did? I did the only thing that made #ChidiSense to me “Focus on catching my flight, (which by the way, I had missed the day before… that’s another story), so I kept it moving.

“Peeps are of the opinion they were targeting my @louisvuitton bags sitting in the back. Some think it was an abduction attempt. Whatever, God pass them. Thanks to the Flight Manager, Mr Otori.” THE NATION

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