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Thursday, 3 February 2022

JAMB: Oloyede’s unending tango with exams crooks

JAMB: Oloyede’s unending tango with exams crooks

By Bola Bolawole

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(Published on the back page of the New Telegraph newspaper of Wednesday, 2 February, 2022).

When Prof. Ishaq Oloyede ended his first five-year tenure as the Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on July 30, 2021, many were apprehensive he might not receive the nod of the appointing authorities for a second term in office. And the reason is not far to fetch. Oloyede is not your mill-of-the-run Nigerian public officer who will lobby and fight to sit-tight in office. He finished his first term and returned home, allowing the authorities to decide one way or another. But the general public, especially the mass media that have worked closely with Oloyede, scrutinising and placing him under the searchlight, concluded that this is a rare gem of a public officer that should be utilised to the fullest for the benefit of the society. So, it was not as much as compensation to Oloyede for a job well done at JAMB that the media erupted in demands for his return but that the unending business of cleaning the Augean stable at the JAMB, which he has bravely, courageously, consistently and insistently pursued, might be carried to its logical conclusion. So, one of the “achievements” of the President, Major-General  Muhammadu Buhari (retired), which his spin doctors often neglect to recall, was his re-appointment of Oloyede on Friday, August 20, 2020!

The decision was widely hailed in the media as it was joyfully celebrated by JAMB workers when Oloyede resumed duties there again on Tuesday, August 24, 2021. As you will soon see and as Oloyede himself has noticed, it cannot be everyone that was happy with the return of the hard-fighting and crime-busting JAMB Registrar. No one at the helms of JAMB affairs has been as hard on crooks intent on compromising our examinations as Oloyede. Again, it could not have been that the spike in the incidence of examination malpractices coincided with the coming of Oloyede but that the political will to fight the scourge and the rigour to stay the course had been lacking. Security experts often posit that crimes and criminals are usually one or two steps ahead of efforts to fight and contain them. With the coming of technology, especially the internet, world globalization has also meant the globalization of crime and criminal activities. It is not only information that now travels with the speed of light, crime does! Technology has become a two-edged sword! Only those who are up-and-running can catch up with criminals and their tendencies. Organisations must employ cutting-edge technology to match or outwit digital age whiz-kids taking advantage of technology to unleash crime on society.

Every JAMB cycle, Oloyede meets with media chiefs to do three things. One: Thank them for their support and solicit for more. Two: Host them to a sumptuous lunch. Three, which Oloyede himself admitted is the most important reason for such meetings: Offer juicy news items to the media chiefs sourced from private, public, social, traditional, print and electronic media and spread across the length and breadth of the country. Usually, the food is good, the camaraderie and opportunity to meet and throw banters enliven the soul but the candour of Oloyede as he reels out newsworthy information is the icing on the cake. Oloyede is as honest, forthright and down-to-earth as they come. It is the same character he demonstrates at the yearly JAMB stakeholders’ meetings with the heads of tertiary institutions. Oloyede does not hoard information, unlike many in his position who, despite the Freedom of Information Act, put information meant for public consumption under lock and key.  Little wonder, then, that the JAMB Registrar is a newsman’s delight. He is…

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