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Monday, 1 November 2021

Gulder Ultimate Search: Omoya, first evicted contestant

 Gulder Ultimate Search: Omoya, first evicted contestant

Olayinka Gabriel Omoya, one of the 18 contestants for the ultimate prize in the 2021 edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search, has been evicted.

Omoya’s journey to being the ultimate man ended on Sunday as he made his way out of the jungle, leaving 17 contestants to fight for the treasure.

Omoya, a member of the Clan Amo, lost his chance to make it to the finals when he failed a test after the Clan Amo lost the Third Eye challenge.

Omoya failed to successfully navigate the blindfolded members through a maze.

Clam Amo went with sadness to the Place of the Talking Drum, where the anchor, Toke Makinwa, passed out their judgment.

Firstly, she announced that he had failed his first test by losing a leg of his sandal. As a craftsman, you have to be observant.

The elimination process took a different turn this time, as directed by the council of elders. The anchor showed Clan Amo images of six fruits, and they had 10 seconds to write what they saw in the correct order.

Iniabasi, Agbonile, Tosin, Emmanuel and Jennifer all had the right order, except for Omoya Yinka, who wrote down only three fruits.

He failed to complete that simple task and was evicted.

Omoya is a 26-year old music artist and writer who auditioned for GUS Season 12 in the hopes of winning the prize money to further his musical career.

From the regional stage to the final selection, Omoya proved his agility and strength were up to the task.

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