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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Pupils studying under trees after Kwara govt abandoned schools destroyed by winds

Pupils studying under trees after Kwara govt abandoned schools destroyed by winds

The school has only three buildings – two of them with roofs already blown off by winds – while the third is also creaky, uncompleted and not conducive to learning for the teeming pupils.

The Local Government Education Authority School in the Eyenkorin Budo Oke area of Kwara State is currently in a state of disrepair, forcing young school pupils to scramble under trees for classes every day.

The school has only three buildings – two of them with roofs already blown off by winds – while the third is also creaky, uncompleted and not conducive to learning for the teeming pupils.

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According to Informant247News, the first building was built by the government; the second was built by a Non-Governmental Organisation in 2005, while the last one is still under construction, and a community self-funded project.

Since March 1 when the winds wreaked havoc to the school, the pupils have been condemned to learning in such terrible conditions.

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The community leaders in the area and the headteacher of the school told Informant247News that they had written to the state government on many occasions but they had yet to receive any positive response.

One of the school officials who pleaded not to be named confirmed during a visit by journalists that only few of the pupils remained as the majority of them had left to their various homes.

It was on a Tuesday morning when the pupils were expected to be in class but unfortunately, these young pupils were deprived of qualitative education as a result of the dilapidated infrastructure in their school.

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Adeshola Esther, a primary six pupil said, “Whenever, I am in school especially early in the morning, I always feel cold because we have been learning under the tree. We couldn’t make use of our classroom because it doesn’t have roof and windows.

“This is how we have been learning for more than 3 months. Each time rain starts falling, the Headteacher will tell us to go home. We couldn’t wait in the rain because our clothes will be wet. So, we usually run home. We are not always happy when the rain falls, because we know it will definitely affect that day’s class activities.”

Another pupil who wants to become a teacher cried out to the government to come to their aid.

He narrated how they learnt under the trees with nothing to shield them from the harsh weather.

Soliu Quadir, who lives very close to the school, said, “My parents are into trading. My ambition is to become a teacher and impart knowledge to the younger ones. I plead with the government to as a matter of urgency help us repair our school.”

In an interview with the head of the Parent Teachers Association, PTA, Alhaji Solihu Ayinla, he expressed with bitterness the state of the school building.

He said, “This has been a yearly experience. This school was built over 15 years ago. Since then, this is the one classroom the government provided. It is with the help of an NGO that will have another classroom which was built in 2005. We have written to the state government, they keep on promising, but up till today, we haven’t seen them. We are still using this opportunity to implore the government to come to our aid.

“Since, the first rain started, that was when the pupils have been learning under the trees. Immediately rain falls you will see them going back home because there is no where they can stay. With the little we have done, we have spent up to N300,000, it remains planks to do the roofing. But we have exhausted our efforts. This is the major problem we are now facing in our school; may God help us.”

One of the community leaders when contacted, said, “As big as our community is, it ridiculous and sad to say we don’t have a standard primary school, talk less of secondary school. Not having these two belittle us in this community. Since the roof of this school was blown away, we have been looking for support from the government, and even wealthy individuals who could help us renovate the school.”

CONFLING ORDERS: CJN Muhammad drags three chief judges to NJC

Tanko Mohammed 

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN, Justice Tanko Muhammad, has vowed to drag three state chief judges before the National Judicial Council over conflicting ex parte orders made by them.

Justice Muhammad announced this Monday after a marathon meeting with seven chief judges.

He vowed to make an example with three of the seven Judges, saying, “never shall we condone such acts”.

Mohammad said that the three unidentified Judges who granted conflicting ex parte orders are to appear before the National Judicial Council, to show why disciplinary action should not be taken against them for granting the conflicting orders.

A visibly angry CJN said the Judiciary will no longer condone indiscipline or allow any judge to tarnish its image.

According to a statement by Mr Soji Oye, the Supreme Court Director of information, the CJN met the judges between 11 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

The meeting began with a one-on-one interaction with the CJ in this order: FCT Abuja, Rivers State, Kebbi State

Cross River State, Jigawa State, Anambra State, and Imo States.

The Chief judges were separately questioned personally by the CJN for over an hour, before reading them the riot act in a joint session involving all of them.

A visibly angry CJN was reported to have stated that “a damage to one jurisdiction is a damage to all.

“We must, therefore, put an end to indiscriminate granting of ex parte orders, conflicting judgements or rulings occasioned by forum-shopping.

“Your job as Heads of Court is a sacred one, and it, therefore, includes you vicariously taking the sins of others.

“There must be an end to this nonsense. You shall henceforth take absolute charge in assigning cases or matters, especially political ones, personally”.

He warned the CJs to henceforth avoid unnecessary assumption of jurisdiction in matters with similar subject and parties already before another court.

” Protect the court from lawyers that are out for forum shopping and work in tandem with all their Judges to salvage the image of the Judiciary.

“Stop making newly appointed judicial officers vacation judges and assigning complex cases to inexperienced Judges,” he added.

Muhammad also disclosed that all Heads of Courts would be invited to a meeting to re-emphasise the need for the judiciary to be circumspect in granting ex parte orders and that he will also meet with the NBA Leadership on the issue.

He advised all Heads of Courts to be current on developments in the polity and the Judgments delivered by courts of various jurisdictions, and to urgently issue practice directions to guide judges in their various courts, so as to avoid conflicting decisions.

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