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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Exclusive: Nasarawa, Abuja topple Lagos as COVID-19 hotspots

 Exclusive: Nasarawa, Abuja topple Lagos as COVID-19 hotspots

An empty COVID-19 isolation centre in Lagos as Nasarawa leads with active cases, PMNEWS has reported.

With daily COVID-19 cases plummeting in Nigeria, the dynamics of the virus has also changed. The most striking is that Lagos has lost its top spot as the grim capital.

Nasarawa, FCT Abuja and Ondo State have become the new hotspots of the virus, in that they have more than 50 percent of the active cases.

According to the data published by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control(NCDC),  9,174 cases of the virus remain as at Tuesday.

While Lagos has recorded 57,634 of the 162,762 confirmed cases, its share of the active cases is smaller.

It has 205 cases that it is tending, with 56,990 discharged and 439 dead.

According to the NCDC, the trophy for the most active COVID-cases surprisingly belongs to Nasarawa, the central state abutting Abuja, the capital.

It has 1,947 active cases, out of the national total of 9,174.

Nasarawa’s  21 percent record in this regard, is a bit confounding.

Since 27 February 2020, when Nigeria recorded its first case of COVID-19, the state has only cumulatively recorded 2,333 infections.

So far, it has discharged 373 cases and the fatalities are also few, just 13.

Abuja is next with the most active cases, with 1,428.

Abuja’s 19,632 cumulative cases are second to Lagos. But unlike its neighbour, Nasarawa, it has discharged 18,041 and recorded 163 deaths.

After Nasarawa and Abuja comes Ondo with 1,029 active cases, followed by Adamawa with 745 and Benue 575.

Oyo has 491 active cases and Niger 496.

Other states with high active cases, more than Lagos’s are Enugu and Akwa Ibom.

While Akwa Ibom has 290, Enugu has 285.

Check the table below for the latest COVID-19 situation in Nigeria:

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