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Friday, 5 February 2021

‘No negotiate with terrorists’, Nigerians fault Sheikh Gummi

 ‘No negotiate with terrorists’, Nigerians fault Sheikh Gummi

Nigerians have faulted the recommendation of a renowned Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Gummi, that government should negotiate with bandits in the northern region of the country.

The PUNCH reports that Gumi, had on Tuesday, visited some bandits in the forests of

Shinkafi and Gummi local government areas of Zamfara State.

After his visitation, he recommended that the government should negotiate with the bandits to rid the country of kidnappings and banditry.

However, some Nigerians on social media disagreed with Gummi’s recommendation, saying that negotiating with bandits would aid crimes in the country.

One of them, @Dejideyforyou, said, “When the government security agencies are close to getting them, they will say they want to lay down their arms, they will be bribed and after few months they will start killing again. This is their pattern but the government is so careless and so wicked.”

@nd_uche said, “I will love to know what good can come from negotiating with people like that. Do laws still mean anything when we elevate thieves to the negotiation table?”

“If you pay criminals, how will they know that crime doesn’t pay? If you negotiate with criminals, how will they not initiate more members? If you tolerate the useless, you leave the people hopeless,” Victor Uwakwe said.

@Wisemanimpress1 noted that “Negotiations upon negotiations billions upon billions paid to criminals in the north called bandits. These elements of dead conscience heart continue to milk the country via their so-called negotiations. This attitude is called create, loot and share. Nigerians beware.”

Levi Egbayelo warned against likening the situation in Niger Delta to that of the north.

“Yes, FG dialogued with Niger Delta militants and they were given amnesty. Does Gummi realise that Niger Delta militants were agitating for the development of their region which oil firms have polluted with oil spill, what are these bandits Fulanis agitating for? @LeviAyelabowo asked.

Instead of dialogule, @FreedomRebelion suggested that “The military should gove the terrorists 24 hours ultimatum to surrender their weapons, vacate the forest, or be met with several military offensive attacks.”

Benibo Daerego added, “Dialogue with criminals will help reduce criminality in what sense? What a lost priority!”

Williams Idopise said, “They should also negotiate with armed robbers, kidnappers, Yahoo boys, cult boys, pickpocket, one chance, and the rest of them. What a shameless set of people.”

Sunmonu Justice said: "Instead of negotiating with criminals, Nigerians should summon courage a buy guns to defend themselves. Nobody has monopoly of violence. Better still communities can turn all their hunters to local soldiers."

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