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Monday, 11 July 2022

My kidnappers plan large-scale attacks on Yorubaland – Victim

My kidnappers plan large-scale attacks on Yorubaland – Victim


Later, they led me into the bush. We did not go farther than a pole away from the road. They collected my shoes, wristwatch and belt and ordered me and the girl to lie down. From there, I could hear when people came to the vehicle and when the police arrived the scene, but I could not say anything.

Didn’t the policemen comb the bush?

According to them, they combed the bush, but I want to believe they went through the other side. If they had reinforced immediately and searched everywhere, the story might have been different. The policemen were there about 35 minutes after the incident.

Did you remain there all along?

We left the place at 6:30pm when it was getting dark. We walked for about 30 minutes into an old cocoa farm. It was there they told me they were not ritualists, but kidnappers. They were Fulani men from Nigeria, Niger and Mali, according to them. Two of them could speak pidgin English fluently.

Before we left, they went back to the car to remove my phone charger. They had about four large capacity power banks with which they charged their phones, they carried bags and had charms on their body. They had four AK-47 rifles and one double-barrel gun.

They asked me to call my people. I called one of my brothers and I explained to him that I had been kidnapped, but my brother said they were aware. While speaking, the phone prompter alerted me that I had one minute of airtime remaining, the gunmen asked me to call anybody I knew could send airtime to me. My sister-in-law sent N2,000 airtime card to me. My phone was used for the calls all through. After each call around 5:30 and 6pm, they would switch the phone off. At about five minutes before calling my people, they would start flogging me.

However, they did not torture the girl, they were kind to her. While moving around, if there is pawpaw or banana they would give her to eat, but I was denied access to food. They did not offer me food or water. The gunmen took garri and smoked cigarettes and hemp all along. They carried garri in their bags as well as water in plastic bottles. They packed any food found on any farmstead and made me carry such for them.

What did they discuss with your family on phone?

They told my people to comply with them, that they were Boko Haram. When my people asked what was expected of them, the gunmen said my people should bring N30m.

My family members pleaded with them, I pleaded too. They said I was using a big car and asked me of my occupation. The car I drove was Toyota Sienna. I realised they were attracted to big cars because they did not stop the commercial vehicles that were ahead of my car that day. They said they saw me when I passed some minutes earlier but only that they had yet to position themselves then.

How was a normal day with the kidnappers like?

When it was about 7.30 to 8pm, we would start moving. We moved from Ijesa Isu to Oko Isaba then to Oko Ikoyi; from Oko Ikoyi to Oko Igbemo, we would roam about till daybreak, but when it was about 6am, they would look for a discreet location to hide.

At that location, they would blindfold me, tie my arms to the back and put me somewhere. I would be in that position till about 7.30pm. THE PUNCH

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