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Friday, 4 February 2022

NSCDC: God fathers, please call Shina Peller to order

 NSCDC: God fathers, please call Shina Peller to order

 Across the globe at the present time, security threat has become a social thorn in the flesh of development and progress.

  This has made it mandatory for many leaders across the world to earmark huge amount of money to keep peace, for socio-economic and political advancement and progress.

  But contrary to the above view and interconnected peace efforts put together globally and particularly in Nigeria, where kidnapping, banditary, ritual killings, cyber crimes, and other related heinous activities reign supreme, it is quite embarassing and saddening for a democratically elected representative member of the enlightened people to call for the scrapping of a vibrant security outfit.

  When people are being killed like fowls on daily basis across the country, and Shina Peller's co members are pushing for establishment of more security outfits to combat crimes, so that people can sleep with their eyes closes, and business activities run smoothly, Peller is now calling for the scrapping of an effective constitutional security outfit -Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps -NSCDC. This is nothing but barbaric and retrogressive.

  This is the time when millions of youths are unemployed and he is trying to pave way for more unemployments.

  This is a very critical time that electorate should be more vigilant about the background of any aspiring politician, relating to his or her business background, family background and the intelligence before being voted for. 

  So, Shina Peller should have a re-think and call himself to order, if truly he pushed for the scrapping of such a vibrant and effective constitutional security outfit

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