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Thursday, 30 September 2021

Banditry: Sokoto lawmaker bemoans FG's failure to secure his constituency

 Banditry:  Sokoto lawmaker bemoans FG's failure to secure his constituency

Ibrahim said bandits have completely taken over his constituency.


Alawmaker representing Sabon Birni South in Sokoto State House of Assembly, Hon. Saidu Ibrahim, has urged the Nigerian and state governments to rescue Sokoto East Senatorial District from bandits.

Ibrahim said bandits have completely taken over his constituency. 

He, however, noted that he is ready to lead soldiers to their hideouts in the forest whenever they are willing to go and confront the bandits.

Ibrahim told PREMIUM TIMES in a phone interview that he can no longer go to his constituency because bandits are totally in control of it.

“The reason I said bandits are in charge of my constituency is that they have occupied the whole place. No district head or village head, not to talk of a ward head that can say anything against the bandits. This is the true picture of the situation.

“Even when there are issues to be settled, no formal setting can intervene because everyone is afraid of the bandits. Most of villages under Isa and Sabon Birni, I swear to you, are under the bandits’ control,” he said.

The lawmaker said he had seen hundreds of soldiers in vehicles but they are not patrolling the troubled areas. 

He added that he, the lawmaker representing Sabon Birni North, Aminu Boza; and a former local government chairman, Idris Danchadi, would lead the soldiers to where the bandits are.

“I have seen them (soldiers) in high number but they are not patrolling where they should. They are based in Sabon Birni, Gundumi and Isa towns. They should go to the villages in Eastern Bafarawa and Burkusuuma, they should go to those places if they are really looking for the bandits.

“Whenever they are ready to go to the places were the bandits are, Wallahi we will lead them . Even if they are going on motorcycles, vehicles or jets, we will follow them and help because those being killed and kidnapped are our people,” he added.

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