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Thursday, 28 January 2021

Corpse Exhuming: Suspect, 78, boasts of grave digging for 53 years

Corpse Exhuming: Suspect, 78, boasts of grave digging for 53 years

A 78-year-old man, Ibrahim Lasisi, who was accused of exhuming corpse at the Muslim Community Cemetry for ritual purposes, has denied reports that human heads were found on him.

Lasisi and his colleague, Oladiran Adegoke were paraded at the Ondo State Police Command.

He said he had no reason to go into exhuming corpses for ritual purposes as he has been a grave digger at the cemetery for 53 years.

Lasisi stated that they were digging the grave for a family who wanted to bury their child that just died.

He said he opted to do the job for the family out of pity which made him not to collect approval papers from local authorities before digging the grave.

Lasisi said there was an error while digging the grave which made those that saw them raised alarm that they were digging other graves to exhumed corpse.

“I have been working there for 53 years. The job we were doing was for a two and half years old boy who just died. The people that brought the boy left to bring money. We dug the grave because he was a small boy

“There was a mistake. One side collapse while digging the grave. Those that started beating us didn’t find anything on us.

“It was a lie for them to say they found two human heads on us. I do not sell human parts. The mistake was that I didn’t collect the government papers before starting the digging.

“I do not deal in human parts.”

Ondo Police Commissioner, Bolaji Salami, said the suspects would soon be arraigned in court.

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