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Saturday, 28 November 2020

Man tells judicial panel how police shot him in the head

Man tells judicial panel how  police shot him in the head

Emmanuel Ajomafule

Emmanuel Ajomafule, a petitioner at the Lagos judicial panel alleged that he was shot in the head by police officers back in 2019.

Mr. Ajomafule , who appeared without legal counsel, said that after he was shot in the head, his girlfriend, late miss Ada Ifeanyi, was shot in the leg and stomach. “She died at the hospital after the gunshot injury,” he said.

Mr. Ajomafule told the panel he and his girlfriend were stopped by policemen. While still inside his car he asked why they were stopped. Afterward, he said there was an argument and alleged that Inspector Dan Ojo shot him on the head.

The petitioner said that the Commissioner of Police back then promised to foot his hospital bill but that it did not happen. He alleged that the police left him to die at the scene of the shooting claiming that six officers were at the scene.

“Some of the officers were arrested but were later released,” Ajomafule said, stating that they resumed duty in the Apapa district where he was shot after three weeks.

Mr. Ajomulafe said he has gone to Dubai for medical treatment but that his sanity has not been the same since the incident.

He prayed the panel that Inspector Dana Ojo be brought to justice and that the promise of the Commissioner of Police to foot his medical bills be fulfilled.

The petition was adjourned till 11th December for further hearing.

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